Firstly, my name is Lou! My passion for my home and for home decor which, has grown over the past few years, mainly since my girls have grown up and are at school full time, and my love of upcycling or revamping furniture, is mainly thanks to my mother in law. After off loading some furniture on us, I asked a friend to teach me how to turn a tired table into a beloved piece of furniture…. from that point, nothing was safe again!

Having created pieces for my friends and family, this year I decided to take the next step and launch my business. I’m a sensitive soul and to me, my home is my safe place, and the phrase ‘Love Makes A House A Home’ was the perfect description and name for what I’m aim to do in every piece that I create. At home I’m surrounded by my favourite people and my favourite things and I want that for all of my customers too.