What makes a house a home?

It’s an old saying… “Love makes a house a home”. When we think about our homes we often think about the changes that we’d like to make, or the pile of ironing that’s been sat in the spare room for two weeks. But how often do we stop to think about what it is that we love about our homes, or about the special moments that happen there through our lives?

I sometimes wonder what it is that creates that special feeling that you get from some houses. As I’ve said before, my home is my sanctuary; there my favourite people and things surround me.

So, instead of pondering the question alone, I asked my friends and followers to do the hard work for this post to see what they thought made a house a home, here are some of the comments:

  • tuttifruttigifts For me it’s all about use of colours, textures & lighting. Grouping things together & being original….
  • dalmatianfan1 I love candles and lights with a fire in the winter months. Also tying in colours with objects such as picture frames, jugs, flowers.
  • countrywaysandcottagedays I guess what makes a house a home is feeling comfortable. Having things about me that I find pleasing but at the same time I do not feel precious over them, so that they can be used, touched, and loved rather than being admired from afar and with caution. I strive to bring things together that I love, in an eclectic, homey way that is cohesive and pleasing but doesn’t look contrived.
  • Sally Brierley I like my home to be comfortable and lived in. Photos of the family, lots of blankets and cushions for snuggling. I don’t like it too clinical. Imagine it’s a bit like ‘Through the Keyhole’ you should be able to tell who lives there from looking around!
  • johnpaulwilmer Home is where your heart is , somewhere you feel you can go no matter what , somewhere you are always welcome , somewhere you can welcome others and where you can belong . Home is somewhere full of memories and warmth where the door is always open
  • countryrootsandwellybootsI feel most at home in cosy surroundings, so the ‘things’ that make our house our house homely, tend to be a lit fire, candles, soft lighting and warm blankets. Having said that none of these things would matter one bit if our house wasn’t filled with the people I love. So really, I think it’s family and pets…followed by the pretty things
  • Danielle Flitton I’m obsessed with interior design and home accessories…in fact even contemplating an ID course next year…What makes a house a home
    – personal style
    – TRAYS (I’m obsessed)
    – personal touches
    – quirky touches
    – photos, photos, photos
    – textures, different fabrics
    – cushions!!!! Lol one can never have too many
    – plants
    – candles, diffusers, rugs, books, lanterns
    – kids drawings framed or on the fridge
    – artIt’s funny because my taste has changed so much since living in Singapore for 5 years. Not so much influenced by Asian culture, more Australian influences, open plan living and COLOUR (I Guess because it’s always sunny!)

So I’m not the only one that thinks it’s a feeling! So, with that in mind here are my top three tips for making your home feel warm and inviting:


For me, flowers are a huge part of my home decor. Whether they are fresh from the garden, from the shop or, more recently for me, faux flowers, they bring a softness and make any room pretty. There are so many good quality faux flowers out there now that they are a great option for you home, you can mix it up with real flowers too.


Scent and soft lighting are also very important to me, and as an owner of two dogs, I’ve always been very conscious of bad smells in the home. So, any scented candle or diffuser (like this gorgeous wild fig diffuser) will help with that.

A candle being lit also adds a warmth and cosiness to the room, especially in the winter months. This can also be created with soft lighting and lamps in place of candles.

Be Proud

At the end of the day it’s all about your personal touches and how you feel about being in your home, as my wonderful friends said, its a mixture of what you want your home to look and feel like.

My biggest piece of advice..? Be proud of your home, no matter the size, design, and your budget. It’s all possible with a little bit of thought, and above all don’t be afraid to give new things a try.




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